Death to the Sun presents: Gemini Rising - A Night of Duos

DEATH TO THE SUN presents: Gemini Rising

Gemini season is upon us! Duality, a theme as ancient as reality itself, is a part of our everyday existence. Balance is beautiful, balance is necessary. We celebrate this concept by presenting a night of Miami's most dichotomous two-piece musical acts:

AUDREY HORNY - A trip into a digital, colorful wonderland. Pixelated tropical sonic landscapes sprinkled with playful melodies and drifting vocal samples. Dreamlike and pleasant, their music shimmers and diffuses into an array of fractal flurries. Truly radiant binary mastery.

IAN IACHIMOE - In esoteric tradition, two columns represent a gateway, a passage to the unknown, and are used at the entrances of many sacred places. The squelching bass phrases of Ian Iachimoe stand on one side, the explosive power of their drums on the other, setting you aglow as you walk through. Expect a brutal, sharp and mathematical instrumental delivery.

DOG HEAT -The brothers Alvarez (a.k.a. The Jellyfish Brothers) in full metal armor, figuratively speaking. Taking on a heavier approach, they channel their inner two headed collective demon. No more Mr. Nice Guys. Motherfuckers.

PESH KAB - The onslaught of drum machines, droney riffs, and washed out, gritty vocals. They ride their wave in full command, never releasing the grip on what they deem "post hardcore". One of south Florida's most refreshing newcomers.

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10pm // No Cover // 21+