Rev-up La Resistance

Las Rosas, 2898 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL

The World's going to hell, we got a maniac in office with a red-button fetish, gentrification slowly changing our city, and probably another hurricane on the way, but hey--as someone once said, "one good thing about music; when it hits you feel no pain,"

So, put down that revolver; drop that bottle of aspirin and slink on over to Las Rosas, January 27th for some good old fashioned Punk Rock 'n' Roll

Featuring the musical stylings of:

-Sandratz -the Gazms -Sewerside Bombers -Union

Dj Skidmark and Macedonio spinning.

Free hugs provided to the best Donald Trump impersonator, courtesy of the illustrious Ian Brown

Groovy Times, Loaded Drinks, & Spacious Bathrooms

Sex & Violence optional

No cover--Huzzah!